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FAQ from Channel Islands Leasing & LoanChanne; Islands Leasing and Loan


Q. What is the difference between a lease and a loan?

A. Both are ways to acquire the equipment you desire. The main difference between the two is how they are accounted for on your Federal Tax Return. There are benefits to both, and to determine which is better for you will depend on your current financial situation.

Q. What if I am a new Business?

A. We are happy to consider new businesses. In general we'll want to see that you are familiar with the industry you are entering, and can offset the normal risk associated with being a new business. If you are able to show proof you have worked in that industry for a couple of years and have back-up money to handle the upfront costs associated with starting a business, then this would be a transaction we would consider.

Q. Can you Finance Older Equipment?

A. We can finance any age equipment. Our theory is, if credit history indicates you are a good credit person, then there is no need for us to restrict what you purchase. We want your business!

Q. What if I don't have good credit?

A. We are a full spectrum lender, meaning we can finance 'A' credit as well as 'D' credit. Call our 800 number to speak to a credit specialist regarding your situation. It is usually best to discuss the issue before you have anyone pull your credit. We will give you a candid appraisal of what we can offer you.

Q. How Long Before I Hear Back About my Application?

A. You can count on a 4-6 hour credit response from our office if we receive your application between the hours of 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. pst. We are service-driven and are unsurpassed in the industry. With over 25 years in the equipment financing business we know time and communication is important to you. We don't have voicemail during business hours and we strive to provide quick answers to any questions you may have.

Q. What type of Equipment do you Finance?

A. We can finance any equipment that is needed for a business to operate.

Tow Trucks

Mechanic Trucks

Tool Trucks

Water Trucks

Medical Equipment

Car Transport Trailers

Rolloff Trucks

Construction Equipment



Garbage Trucks

Heavy Haul Trailers

Bull Dozers

IT Equipment

Reefer Trucks

Box Trucks


Dump Trucks

Delivery Trucks



Q. What if my credit is good, but my score is under-average?

A. At Channel Islands Leasing & Loan we work outside the box. We are not score-driven. Although scores can influence a credit decision, we use the Stop, Look & Listen system: We Stop the negatives by focusing on the positives of your business. We Look at your history and compare what you are doing credit-wise now. We Listen to your story; what new things you are doing and your goals for your business. If the story makes sense and lines up, we can turn a deal others pass by and help you get the equipment you need for your business.

Q. What if I am looking for equipment, but have not decided on the exact piece of equipment I need?

A. The best way to 'shop' for your equipment is having pre-approval. The vendors will know you are a serious buyer and already prepared to purchase. You have more power to make a 'good deal' when you are backed with an approval. Just complete an application and we will get you a pre-approval. Note: This pre-approval may be adjusted up or down as needed once you select the equipment you desire.




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